From these philosophical roots came the Akashic Brotherhood. another group of Awakened humans, a band of mages who saw reincarnation as their duty. The Akashic Brotherhood are perhaps among the most esoteric of the Traditions in the Council of Nine. Deeply influenced by Asian concept of. Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Mage: The Ascension). Home ยท Tradition Book: Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts (Mage: The Ascension). Read more.

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By diving into the Record, a Brother can relive the experiences of the past, sometimes even coming forth with elements of his own past lives. Retrieved from ” http: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For centuries, Reasoners and their Technocrat descendants have attempted to duplicate Do, as have ancient Chakravats, but without success.

This self-mastery comes in the form of discipline and control over all aspects of the self, both internal and external.

The Ascension has it listed on page following 3rd ed Martial Arts rules. The other supernaturals tend not to do things out in the open, and unbelievable magickal effects from Mages would probably blow up in a tornado of Paradox backlash. Rumor says that they have long brothrhood several hidden monasteries and that they keep secret catacombs deep beneath the Earth, where one can find passage to Horizon Realms or discover ancient places of power that tap into the consciousness of the absolute.

Akashic acolytes come from all walks of life, but all study the Akashic way of leading a pure and simple lifestyle, at least to some degree.

Martial arts and exercises perfected the body while rigorous disciplines, chants and prayers cleansed the mind. They were embraced by the common folk especially, when their philosophies of an brotherhiod life in tune with nature were more easily accepted and their fighting arts helped balance out the oft-sharp divide between social classes. The aptly named Warring Fists thus fight a constant war against the elements they hold repugnant. As the world fractured and people took up dissonant paths, conflict came in several forms to the Brotherhood.


Roleplaying Hints Brotherhoos preconceptions to the contrary, the Akashic philosophy is neither one of navel-gazing contemplation and fortune-cookie koans, nor is it a flourish of outlandish martial thhe followed by a sermon about believing in yourself and eating right. Buddhists, Confucianists and Taoists make up a good percentage of the Brotherhood’s ranks.

mag The masters can’t tell their students what it is they’re supposed to be learning, or where or even how they’re supposed to find it. These Brothers feel that the Brotherhood needs to modernize, to accept new ideas to approach the changing world and to learn to work within the systems of tools promoted by scientific society. This shout can be used at the same time as any Do attack without penalty, but otherwise this ascensoin cannot be combined with any other action.

Mage: The Ascension; Traditions; Akashic Brotherhood

The Brotherhood’s very individualistic belief that all people must find their own path paradoxically makes it difficult for the Brotherhood to do more than give aspiring mages a few simple tools.

Disagreement thrives within this Tradition as well as it does within the ascesnion. Subtlety and Zen-like calm are among the Brotherhood’s strengths, but they are also a great weakness. Everything else about the Tradition – all the kicks, all the koans, all the chants and all the chi – is really just a way of searching for and expressing this underlying theme.

Structure in the Brotherhood is loose; enlightenment and destiny are recognized as steps along the path, but all living things have virtue and value. Instead of being able to help an Initiate move toward wisdom with lessons or suggestions, most Akashic Brothers brotherohod offer only rote physical training, cryptic passages in old books or puzzling idioms that are supposed to lead the student to her own revelation.

The Art of Do

This same unity makes it an ideal focus for magick. The All is too great to be denied by simple numbers and symbols. Hierarchical societies and caste systems, combined with a focus on material living, turned people against the Brotherhood’s self-empowering ways.

Although many modern Shi-Ren do not honestly believe that a return, to Imperial China is possible, they do feel that it’s important for the Brotherhood to maintain a stake in modern politics wkashic culture. Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here. The Akashic Brotherhood are perhaps among the most esoteric of the Traditions in the Council of Nine.


Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Mage: The Ascension) – PDF Free Download

From thrown rocks to crossbow bolts such weapons may be deflected or even caught. Interestingly, the Vajrapani stem originally from a metaphysical feminine principle, but this fact does not limit membership in this political faction. Each life is just a step on the greater wheel of Drahma until the individual releases himself from the chains that he forged with his own beliefs and desires.

By honing the body, the Brothers make, a temple for the mind; with the refined mind comes understanding of the spirit. As centered as their philosophy is on individuality, Akashic teachers believe that young practitioners must find their own path to Ascension, which often proves very frustrating for young mages. These first Akashics taught of a way of life centered around personal accomplishment instead of material gain or temporal power, and they recruited others who saw the deeper wisdom in their deceptively simple ways.

However, it can easily serve as a focus for both magick and meditation.

Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Mage: The Ascension)

However, the Brotherhood is also stronger than ever. The Masters cannot teach the way to enlightenment, they believe, since each person must find a unique path.

The Shaolin monasteries of China housed their members, as did the mountain -dwelling hermits of Japan, the cloistered priests of Tibet and the mysterious mystics of India. The spiritual and magical worlds are not broherhood removed from the physical world. The balanced and enlightened man can, in time, access all layers of the universe. Mages of the Akashic Brotherhood which, by the way consists of both men and women despite the name, often specialize in magics of the Mind Sphere.

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Practitioners of Do can at their choice roll either Strength or Dexterity when making a brawling attack using Do.