Labcold IntelliCold®Pharmacy Refrigerators – Feature Table. MODEL NUMBER. RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/. Door Seal – Labcold RLDF RLDF RLDF Fridge · Probe – Labcold Lock & Keys – Labcold RLDF RLDG RLDF · Rear Power. Labcold RLDFA Under Counter Solid Door Refrigerator Litre. Product no.: HRF Be the first to rate this Labcold Retro fit drawers for RLDF/G .

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The fridge is not overloaded.

Disposal at end of life. Please retain this manual More information. Temperature changes during door openings are minimised by inner drawers. Although it looks like a card you may have in your camera, this SD card will only work with your Labcold fridge and using it for any other purpose may render it unable to perform the data logging function.

Please read this owner s Manual carefully before operating the unit. In order to maintain temperature inside the refrigerator in summer, keep the thermostat at position Start display at page:. The cause of the drop in temperature should be investigated immediately and the refrigerator should be monitored to check that it is returning to the correct temperature.

Baby food and bottle warmer Instructions for Use. If you press the set button on the front it will show the temperature the fridge is set to. The key can be safely removed from both the locked and unlocked positions. In order to get maximum cooling from your refrigerator, follow these instructions carefully: If the light comes on when the door is opened and you can hear the fridge working and it feels cold inside it means the display may be faulty.

The refrigerator does not automatically reset. Alarms will then show on the display and you may hear the audible alarm as the fridge completes its start up diagnostic checks. Introduction 1 The system 1 The meter 2 The display 3 The mode 3 The measurement 4 Coding the meter 4 How to obtain a drop of blood 6 Application of the blood 7 Procedure to test glucose 7 Procedure to. This gives out heat as part of normal operation and is nothing to worry about.

If you have a Labcold external alarm kit this can be connected to the 2 pin connector on the left. If you want the light to remain off at all times, press and hold the rdlf off button until the display shows L off.


Please check and clear the drain hole so water labcild run away freely. New cards are available at a small cost from Labcold. This is the manufacturers recommend temperature for the storing of vaccines. A 60 Litre Pharmacy refrigerator designed for dispensary, surgery, ward and general use for the storage of drugs and vaccines under controlled conditions in rdlf with the “Code of Ethics and Standards” of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Keys should not be left in the lock as they protrude from the fridge.

Loading In order to ensure even temperature distribution throughout your refrigerator it is important that: Fridges – Pharmacy – Labcold. Do not use if the power supply More information.

Labcold RLDF0510A Undercounter Under counter IntelliCold® Pharmacy Refrigerator 150ltr

Light on Button Door Alarm If labcoldd door of the fridge is left open for more than 90 seconds an audible alarm will sound and the front panel will flash door and display the temperature inside the chamber alternately. Light off Button If you want lagcold light to stay on all the time, press and hold the light on button until the display shows L on. Take care not to damage the pipes Defrosting Although your Labcold fridge features automatic off-cycle defrosting, it is recommended that it is defrosted manually if there is a build up of ice.

Not required if ordered with lrdf suitable units as they will be assembled at the factory. The freezer comes 05510 4 plastic drawers, 3 refrigerated shelf compartments and top mounted ice packs to improve hold over temperature. Your Labcold pharmacy refrigerator records the maximum high and minimum low temperatures when connected to mains electricity if batteries are fitted, it will record when not connected. Inner drawers minimise temperature changes during door opening and make it easier to remove contents during defrosting.

Can be wall mounted on integral brackets if required. Please read this Instruction Manual carefully More information.

When this process has been completed the display will show done and the card can be removed. Insert 4 AA long life alkaline batteries not supplied in the holder located on the right side of the unit Batteries will only power the controller not the fridge. Check that the feet have been adjusted so the top of the fridge is level and the refrigerator is standing on a hard surface. Fridge Freezers – Liebherr. Compact and easy to clean, this fridge has been designed to fit easily under most work surfaces.

  KDL 40V3000 PDF

Free standing professional pharmacy refrigerator constructed for the sole purposes of storing vaccines and other pharmaceuticals in optimum conditions. This handbook is designed to help you through each step of owning your new appliance, from installation, to use.

Labcold Products –

After restocking the fridge, check the temperature 10 minutes later to ensure that the fridge is cooling down, running rlsf and is not overstocked.

These Labcold Sparkfree products are constructed without exposed electrical components or sources of arc, spark or heat within their chambers to ensure there is no possibility of ignition internally. Purpose built Pharmacy fridge designed for the safe storage of vaccines and other temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals.

Instruction Manual C Caple Built-in Double llabcold Oven Instruction Manual Introduction This quality oven has been designed to provide trouble-free service provided it is installed and maintained correctly.

Do not use if the power supply. How do I check the set point? Do not use a sharp implement to remove ice as this will damage the coating of the fridge Dry thoroughly and remove any surplus water before returning to use Leave cooling for at least 6 hours before reloading with vaccines or pharmaceuticals 10 Door Lock Your Labcold pharmacy and vaccine fridge is fitted with a door lock with 2 keys.

This is because warm air from the room will have entered the fridge while the door was open. Internal Light Your refrigerator is fitted with an energy saving LED light which is factory set to go on when the door lqbcold opened and go out when the 050 is shut.

Labcold refrigerators and freezers developed a reputation with large corporate and medical establishments as being safe, secure and reliable through quality construction and performance with appropriate safety and monitoring facilities. All Labcold pharmacy refrigerators have a factory set point of 5 o C. If the light does not come on and the fridge does not feel cold do not use the fridge, please remove contents and contact your retailer.