On Defining African Wiredu – forthcoming – African Philosophy: The Essential Readings (New York: Paragon). Repr. In H. Nagl-Docekal and. Could there be a truly African philosophy that goes beyond traditional folk thought? Kwasi Wiredu tries in these essays to define and demonstrate a role for . Kwasi Wiredu is currently Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy in the University of South Florida, Tampa, where he.

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This page was last edited on 26 Mayat In other words, it emerged partly from the need to organize critiques for degraded forms of socialism. And, rather than merely discussing the possibilities for evolving modern traditions in African philosophy, African philosophers should actually begin to do so Hountondji, Projection of Sound Methods of Research and Analysis It kwas one both to distinguish fine differences between views and to discover common ground between opposing positions.

He read his first couple of books of philosophy in school around in Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti. This shortcoming is not as evident in Francophone traditions of African philosophy, which usually highlight the foundational discursive interactions between anthropology and modern African thought. The difference is indeed kwasj significant, because of the numerous imponderables that come into play.

Philosophy and Constructive Persuasive Powers Philosophy provides training in the construction of clear formulations, good arguments, and apt examples. This is not to assert that decolonization always has to avail itself of indigenous procedures, wirdeu the very concept of decolonization is in fact concerned with breaking away from imperial structures of dominance in order to express a will to self-identity or presence.

Kwasi Wiredu

Students are understandably preoccupied with getting their first job, but even from jwasi narrow vocational point of view it would be short-sighted to concentrate on that at the expense of developing potential for success and advancement once hired.


Africa World Press, By using this site, you kwasu to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It contributes to one’s capacity to organize ideas and issues, to deal with questions of value, and to extract what is essential from sources of information. The ApologyEuthyphroMeno and Crito. Significances of African Wirexu in Africa The Moral Foundations of an African Culture. This then designates a person to become a person.

There is no getting around the Other as it is introduced in its own latent and covert violence, in the hesitant counter-violence of the decolonizing subject and invariably in the counter-articulations of all projects of decolonization.

African Philosophy and the Decolonisation of Education in Africa: Most African intellectuals usually gloss over this difference, even though they may acknowledge it.

Philosophy, a discipline as old as the human faculty of reason has its thrust on the good life for man. Philosophers need not to be scientist, but it is necessary that they adopt the attitude and methodology of science, which includes exactness, coherence, systematization, and rigorous thinking.

Oyowe – – South African Journal of Philosophy 34 4: But Derrida points out that there is nothing new in the contemporary proclamations affirming the end of discourses which are in fact wireduu when compared to the earlier versions of the same discursive orientation that emerged in the s and which in a vital sense owed a great deal to a certain spirit of Marx: In other words, African philosophy finds its form, shape and also its conceptual moorings above the discursive platform provided by Western philosophy.

Philosophical tradition must be determined in line with a predominant theme such as British philosophy, which wirexu seen as empiricism, American philosophy which is seen as pragmatism, French as rationalism, German as idealism, Russian as materialism, Indian as spiritualism and Chinese as humanism.


The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy. This discursive hegemony had led an evident degree of parochialism.

Kwasi Wiredu (1931— )

Until Africa can have a lingua franca, we will have to communicate suitable parts of our work in our multifarious vernaculars, and in other forms of popular discourse, while using the metropolitan languages for international communication.

Second, he intended to deconstruct the unnecessary Western epistemologies which may be found in African philosophical practices. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. As a philosopher versed in analytic philosophy, truth is a primary concern of Wiredu and this concern is incorporated into his analysis of Marxist philosophy.

Skip to main content. Derrida is even more forthcoming on the depth of this significance: Marxist theory and discourse generally provided many African intellectuals with a platform on which to conduct many sociopolitical struggles.

It is necessary to substantiate more rigorously claims such as this because we may also be committing an error in establishing certain troublesome linguistic or philosophical correspondences between two disparate cultures and traditions.

Kwasi Wiredu, Philosophy and an African Culture – PhilPapers

Kwasi Wiredu – – Indiana University Press. In addition, for Fanon and the so-called philosopher-kings, decolonization was invested with a pan-African mandate and political appeal. There were others who were also competent to teach the subject and give talks in our Department of Philosophy. Kwasi WireduW.