Even before it was made public in its entirety, the report by Justice Shivraj Patil on the 2G scam provoked a new round of polemics between the government and . This is the report of the Justice (retd.) Shivaraj Patil File photo of Justice Shivraj Patil. Shivaraj Patil Committee report-full-optimised. The report submitted by the one-man committee under Justice Shivraj Patil on allocation of spectrum was made public on 10 February

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Justice Shivraj Patil

Mr Shourie, however said, that he did not agree with shivfaj estimate of the CAG on the losses incurred to the exchequer on 2G. In case of change in procedures, the same must be notified well in advance before implementation.

The report has suggested remedial measures to avoid in future, deficiencies in formulation of procedures and lapses in implementation of laid-down procedures. Is this article important for exams? Patil submitted his resignation judtice Governor H.

Procedure having been formulated for grant of access licences whereunder allotment of spectrum is assured, without revising entry fee, was opposed to extant policy. Lokayukta has erred, must go immediately: This decision was not only contrary to recommendations of TRAI but also taken without concurrence of Ministry of Finance You could not do one millimetre more than what Cabinet has decided. Thereafter, inwhile I was a judge of the High Court, I was allotted a site in the judicial layout by the Karnataka Judicial Department Employees’ House Building Co-operative society along with several other judges and employees.

The global spot gold prices surged 1. View all Comments Add Comment. Earlier this week, Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal read out excerpts from the report that suggested the mistakes that eventually led to India’s biggest scam began when the NDA was Jagran Prakashan Ltd Shivraj Patil committeespectrum allocation3G2Gspectrum managementspectrum licenses. Thereafter, when the sites were offered on outright sale basis as my wife’s brother by then had invested in buying an apartment transferred his membership to her and she was made an associate member and an outright sale deed was executed in her favour.


Bhardwaj, ending his five-year tenure just about a month and-a-half after taking over from N. A lot has been said about the scorching pace of growth in the domestic Journey well, Mr Madhukar Shetty A shimmer of beauty. Thank you Justice Shivaraj Patil.

It helps with price risk management and facilitates effective competition. The committee concluded that the procedures adopted for granting of license should be in tune with the requirements of law, statutory norms and prevailing policies of the government The Shivraj Patil Committee was set up to look into the spectrum allocation from to Rex became the cit February 21,3: Accordingly, she addressed a letter to the society on September 14, to surrender the site in her ahivraj.

Further, it was challenged before the Supreme Court and the same was also dismissed. In so far as criminal culpability of the ‘persons’ justiec is concerned, the Report is being made available to investigating agencies currently probing the issue, who in turn, would take appropriate action.

jutice I asked my wife to surrender the site for with without getting into legality of it. In Maharashtra, it appears the rural jobs scheme is being implemented on paper alone. Despite allegations of corruption among some of its most well-known politicians and bureaucrats, Karnataka remains without an ombudsman or Lokayukta.

To verify, just follow the link in the message. The birth of a youth brand This book excerpt outlines how saucy, edgy Fastrack was conceived out of the Titan stable and evolved into a Karnataka, mired in graft, still without Lokayukta.


NTP was formulated to achieve goal of Telecommunication services of World class and also to provide Telecommunication for all, at affordable and reasonable prices covering all villages.

Justice Shivraj Patil Committee Report on Spectrum Allocation made Public

All spectrum allocations should be audited to determine efficient and proper utilization of allotted spectrum. Thursday 27 DecemberAn Ignored Tragedy: This article is closed for comments. However it didn’t yield desired level due to realization of low revenue latil cellular and basic operators. To examine whether the procedures adopted were fair and transparent and were in keeping with the principles of natural justice and if not, identify the specific judtice of lack of fairness and transparency:.

All these assignments, including my current one as Lokayukta, I have done to the best of my ability and a clear conscience, true to the oath of my office. Hence, there has never been any mis-representation.

Shourie slams Patil report on 2G scam

However Sbivraj Patil maintains he was never in the wrong. What a year has been! The outlook for the stock of Kalpataru Power Transmission is positive. The procedures formulated must not only spell out criteria but also specify documents required to satisfy eligibility Para 8.

When it came to owning plots, even Lokayukta was ignorant of law A retired judge of the Supreme Court, Patil took over as Loakyukta on Aug 3. In September last year, Justice Shivraj Patil quit the office barely a justiice after he was inducted, after allegations of an inappropriate land deal involving him. Bush passes away Current Affairs in Short: