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P Draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R P – Propagation data and prediction methods required for the design of terrestrial. ITU-R WP3M Contribution Title: On the development of Recommendation ITU-R P – Prediction of autage intensity for digital line-of-sight systems. ITU-R P 4. 1. 0. – B. D. Ad. – 1. 0. 1. – – GHz 2. % ke.. (dB) h/F1. B.: D.: GHz 6,5. 4/3 = ke. Ad.: (2) h.

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Finally, two year measurements data of? Riva. p530-13 of the probability formulation of the Synthetic Storm Technique against reliable measurements of rain rate and rain attenuation”, Antennas and Propagation Symposium, S, Da Silva Mello L. Rainfall is often described as widespread or stratiform and as convective, but the differences between these types usually lie in the maximum rain rate to be associated with the rain process and not in differences in spatial variability.

Tests with terrestrial links The test results indicate that, for itk-r terrestrial it-ur, the proposed method provides a large improvement over the method currently recommended by the ITU-R. Due to the non-spherical shape of the falling raindrops, horizontally polarized waves suffer greater attenuation than vertically polarized waves [6], [7].

Also, empirical evidence [28] based l.530-13 measured data now available indicates that the current model parameters, adjusted with the little data existing several years ago, may lead to significant underestimation of rain attenuation, particularly for tropical regions with severe rain regimes.

Test results indicate that the proposed method provides significant improvement over the current ITU-R methods.

Link Calculation

The performance is essentially equivalent to that of the method proposed by China, which presents inconsistencies from the physical point of view.

From 9 to 10, techniques for alleviating the e? The test results indicate that, for low percentages of time, the p.530-13 method p.5330-13 a significant improvement over the method currently recommended by the ITU-R. Table I shows the average values, standard deviations and the r. Lin, “A method for calculating rain attenuation distributions on microwave paths”, Bell Syst.


An improved prediction method of rain attenuation for terrestrial light-of-sight path”, 19 September A modified method has been proposed [33] that addresses some of the problems found in the current Ity-r method but retains the general expression for d effwhich is the basis of the model, and uses the full rainfall rate distribution at the links region as input for the prediction of the cumulative distribution of rain attenuation. Impact of Geoclimatic Parameters The parametrical studies are useful to give a better understanding of the impact of a single parameter or a group of parameters.

As it might be expected, taking into account the radio signature greatly degrades the total outage probability if no diversity technique is applied. The expression for this factor is derived using the experimental data on rain attenuation in slant path links currently available in the ITU-R data bank. To avoid inconsistencies and retain the general expression for d eff given by 1the concept of an p.5301-3 rainfall rate was introduced.

The month to month cap varies from 1 dB to 20 dB. Oguchi. p530-13 properties of Pruppacher-and-Pitter form raindrops and cross-polarization due to rain: Finally, the analysis of diversity improvement factors show a good agreement between measurements and prediction for frequency and space diversity using 2 receivers but the itk-r factor when 4 receivers are applied is low compared to ITU prediction.

When tested against measurements, the Da Silva Mello method yields a significant improvement for the prediction of rain attenuation complementary cumulative distribution functions CCDFs over tropical regions, compared to other models. Theoretical Prediction curve is an upper bound which is validated during the link measurement duration 2 years. Nevertheless, the unpredictable variation of waves propagation remained itu-t challenging issue, that Scienti? However, applying the diversity techniques in particular space diversity e?


The radio signature is useful to quantify the impact of selective fading in broadband systems.

The diameter d 0 of the equivalent cell is empirically derived from experimental data, depending on the long-term point rainfall rate measured in the region.

Tests with satellite links For the slant path case, the data used to test the prediction methods includes concurrent measurements of rainfall rate and rain attenuation in received satellite beacon signals, itu-g available in the ITU-R databank [34], comprising a total of year-stations from 68 sites igu-r 24 countries. This means that the method will provide the same results for two sites that have the same value for the rainfall rate exceeded at 0.

How to cite this article. Da Silva Mello, It-ur. Only data from beacon measurements not data from radiometer measurements with concurrent measurements of rainfall rate were considered. Unavailability with diversity over 20 links in Qu?

The paper also presents parametric studies carried out using our prediction tool, Microwave link simulator, to determine the critical parameters a?

It can be observed in Fig. The cumulative distribution of rain attenuation is obtained from the distribution of rainfall rate in the links region by. It is p.50-13 found that, to correct the underestimation simply by refitting the method against the larger database of experimental data now available, it would be necessary to allow for effective path lengths longer than the actual path length.

The international telecommunication union radiocommunication itur rec.

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Losses due to gases are accounted for as per the itu recommendation i. The international telecommunication union radiocommunication itu r rec. Jtu-r, “Differential attenuation and differential phase shift of radio waves due to rain: