This short example makes the move from infix to postfix intuitive. However, as expressions get Simple heuristic algorithm to visually convert infix to postfix. Infix to Postfix Conversion. Procedure for Postfix Conversion. 1. Scan the Infix string from left to right. 2. Initialize an empty Conversion To Postfix. EXAMPLE. Examples of Infix-to-Postfix Conversion a+b*c-d/e*f postfix string a ab abc abc* abc*+ abc*+d abc*+de abc*+de/ abc*+de/f abc*+de/f* abc*+de/f*-. operator stack .

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Each operator has a precedence level. To evaluate expressions manually infix notation is helpful as it is easily understandable by the human brain. The rule for line 4 is tp the operator on the top of the stack has higher precedence than the one being read, pop and print the one on top and then push the new operator on.

Assume the infix expression is a string of tokens delimited by spaces. So, as before, push it and check the next symbol. To do this we will look closer at the conversion process. Then move the enclosed operator to the position of either the left or the right parenthesis depending on whether you want prefix or postfix notation. In many ways, this makes infix the least desirable notation to use.

Infix to postfix conversion algorithm

On closer observation, however, you can see that each parenthesis pair also denotes the beginning and the end of an operand pair with the corresponding operator in the middle. If the incoming symbol is a right parenthesis, pop the stack and print the operators until you see a left parenthesis. Scan the Infix string from left to right. Table 4 shows some additional examples of infix expressions and posyfix equivalent prefix and postfix expressions.


Convert the input infix string to a list by using the string method split.

What is the result of evaluating the following: If the association is right to left, push the incoming operator. After all characters are scanned, we have to add any character yo the stack may have to the Postfix string. When the operands for the division are popped from the stack, they are reversed. Any operators still on the stack can be removed and appended to the end of the output list.

Both operators have the same precedence level, so left to right postfox tells us to do the first one found before the second. The given expression has eaxmples to denote the precedence. For example, from high to low: The parentheses dictate the order of operations; there is no ambiguity.

As per the precedence, the operators will be pushed exa,ples the stack. Post fix notation also, known as reverse Polish notation eliminates the need for parentheses.

Prefix expression notation requires that all operators precede the two operands that they work on. Also, the order of these saved operators may need to be reversed due to their precedence. B and C are multiplied first, and A is then added to that result. Add it to the expression string.

This short example makes the move from infix to postfix intuitive. If top Stack has higher precedence over the scanned character pop the stack else push the scanned character to stack.


Create an empty list for output. The stack will be written from left to right with the ‘bottom’ of the stack to the left. If the scanned character is an operand, add it to the Postfix string. We need to develop an algorithm to convert any infix expression to a postfix expression. Algorithm for Postfix Conversion S: No supported video types.

Operators of higher precedence are used before operators of lower precedence. Then test the incoming operator against the new top of stack. Which operands do they work on? If we encounter an operand we will write in the expression string, if we encounter an operator we will exampples it to an operator stack.

The popped stack elements will be written to output. An incoming left parenthesis will be considered to have higher priority than any other symbol. If two operators of equal precedence appear, then a left-to-right ordering or associativity is used.

Conversion of Infix expression to Postfix expression using Stack data structure

Moving Operators to the Right for Postfix Notation. Sign in Get started. If the incoming symbol has equal precedence with the top of the stack, use association. So the resultant Postfix expression would look like below, Final Postfix expression: Repeat 4 and 5 steps till all the characters conversipn scanned.

Recall that the operands in the postfix expression are in their original order since postfix changes only the placement of operators.