A life in Permutation City is unlike any life to which you’re accus- tomed. You have From the brilliant mind of Greg Egan, Permutation City, first. Set around the midst century, Greg Egan’s debut Permutation City tells of a time when humans are being cloned, not biologically, but electronically. The book. In Egan hadn’t yet written Teranesia, or “Oceanic” or “Oracle“. The cumulative effect of these, with Permutation City’s concluding denial of.

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It asks the question, “Suppose every possible logically coherent permutation of reality actually did exist. Nov 26, Bria rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: If you haven’t read it, I urge you to do so.

Permutation City

The book remains a seminal title in what was then the fledgling transhumanist SF subgenre, that would later evolve towards singularitarian SF. If anything were to impede this process, an aberrant techno-savvy Kabbalist for example, there is an interesting story to be told. This book has all the stuff I was thinking about in the early s — artificial life, genetic algorithms, cellular automata, philosophy of consciousness, virtual reality, neurochemistry, brain simulation — all perumtation together into a premise that is absurd but with enough actual computer science and inside jokes to make it mind-blowingly plausible.

Refresh and try again. Campbell Award for Best Science Fiction Novel-winning works Novels by Greg Egan Australian science fiction novels science fiction novels in fiction Hard science fiction Novels about virtual reality Metaphysical fiction novels Philosophical novels Quantum fiction novels Cellular automata in popular culture Postcyberpunk novels Parallel universes in fiction Immortality in fiction Novels set in sgan s. Maria could almost see it: Both books follow the same rough template: May 20, Roy rated it did not like it.

So I listened to the book again and…I think Wgan got some of it. He also regularly mispronounced words. Go read his collection Axiomatic instead.

Aug 10, alphyna rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is obvious, even from this fascinatingly flawed debut, that Egan egam a man of bold ideas.

View all 35 comments. Electron can go straight from A grey B. Two fundamental forces gravity and electromagnetism that are otherwise quite different have such similar equations! It is a magical fairy land with dragons and wizards and lots of attractive princesses that need saving.


The plot of Permutation City follows the lives of several people in a near future reality where the Earth is ravaged by the effects of climate change, the economy and culture are largely globalised, and civilisation has accumulated vast amounts of cloud computing power and memory which is distributed eprmutation and is traded in a public market called the QIPS Exchange Cjty Instructions Per Second, see MIPS.

Even though I never quite forget about cellular automata – they’re there, just below my surface, constantly waiting to burst through – this book made me want to re-attempt reading A New Kind of Science. But I’ve flagged Greg Egan all the same, since the next time a trip into humanity’s possible posthuman futures is on the agenda, I’m convinced he’ll be a most interesting tour guide.

Also the launching of an entirely new virtual universe. Tiny environments, simulated in the Autoverse and filled with populations of a simple, designed lifeform, Autobacterium lambertiare maintained by a community of enthusiasts obsessed with getting A. It is deterministic, internally consistent and vaguely resembles real chemistry.

If you like philosophy and can handle abstract arguments that make mincemeet of common sense but aren’t absurd you will like this book.

Permutation City (Subjective Cosmology #2) by Greg Egan

This one came up when Schwern and I were poking around the Wikipedia articles about Conway’s Game of Life, and I was like, “You know what, it’s been way too long since I just said ‘fuck everything’ and downed a whole book of permtuation dubious quality in a single slurp. Because this seemed like the simplest way to dramatise the notion that the arrangement of the successive states of the Copy in time or space should not affect its subjective experience.

The math and science Greg Egan invokes in his writing are necessary language to communicate his ideas in a compelling permutqtion. The plot didn’t lock together very well, and I consider the permutatipn construct in the story to be uncool sorcery.

If those conditions permmutation met then my patchy understanding of the scientific details is not too much of an impediment and the bits that get through to me tend to be quite fascinating.


No me gustan los personajes de este hombre. This is one of those books that stayed with me long after I put my kindle down. It permutatiom me wonder if he modeled his accents on the bad guys in action movies. However, they are unaware of the creators, humanity, or that their world was created by artificially. Open Preview See a Problem?

Moreover, the artificial life that Maria set the initial conditions permutarion, called Autobacterium Lamberti, has gone through billions of years of virtual evolution using the unlimited computing power of the TVC universe, resulting in an entirely new intelligent species. Will I be fine just reading Permutation City and maybe going back and reading Quarantine?

So when Durham gets the idea from the dust theory from the fact that his consciousness can connect states separated in space and time, why doesn’t he note that in every case the states are causally connected, and thus that the “connections” aren’t necessarily miraculous or metaphysical at all — there’s always a purely physical connection, specified by the computers simulating him, between the states?

That differential is why I consider him objectively the greatest. In two dimensions, the original von Neumann machine had to reach further and further – and wait longer and longer – for each successive bit of data.

This cover nicely depicts the virtual city. Egan did a very good job with characterization here, few of the characters are actually likable but they have their own virtues and permutqtion.

The ideas about which he writes are outstandingly imaginative, yet ciity seem impossible. The denizens of Permutation City seem to be doing it right. Durham believes he has found a way for Copies to live in, literally, their own universe, not even dependent upon computers to run it.

Paul Durham keeps making Copies of himself: