LOUIS BRAWLEY didn’t want me to call this week’s entry a “teaching”. extraordinary memoir of his days with U.G. Krishnamurti, Goner: The. Louis Brawley met UG Krishnamurti in and spent the following five years travelling with him in the USA, India and Europe keeping a. We are excited to welcome artist Louis Brawley to Scripps campus for of 89 and Louis spent the next three years writing a book called Goner.

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I noticed UG pulled my consciousness right into the present, simplifying it to sensory perception and the basic reality and intelligence of the physical organism away from insubstantial thoughts and concepts. It was so easy to write unabashedly the deepest of my problems which i beieve with his grace slowly and surely resolved now.


I look forward to more such writings from you. JK would do this in talk, but UG did it in his actions. Good explanation, Branko, short and direct.

I am not interested in interpreting what he meant by what he said.

How that man lived around people in the middle! I have to buy them from the publisher myself.

Jure Godler added it Dec 15, He had neither the concepts nor the vocabulary that I am using now to describe what was happening.

Just leave it alone. I shall try to keep it short and simple. He called his great friend B…….


Sometimes people ask me how the book is doing. Anyway, thanks my friend. Two good things India gave us: Now I can not live even a second without UGs remembrance.

With basic exercises and instructions and Jones’s unique healing symbols, the book shows you: The address in Valliecrozia is no longer with me but I will try and locate it. Is it immoral because she was married? I mean like really in the middle of the world with nothing to hide or no secret. Only when I stayed with UG did I see the difference between all the words and a living impact.

Real statements are never popular. The new book is still in the works. I burst into tears at the end. UG has devastated all my past knowledge and devastate his teachings too, for me he is a suicide bomber shattering every words like the glass panel breaking when a bomb is thrown.

The guy was so alive and real. Mark Backus is currently reading it Aug 23, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It would seem that for such an event to occur,it would have to have something Directing it to take place, a mystery for sure. They seem to recommend chasing some sort of mystical transcendental experience through various techniques, it all seems very fancy.

Goner: The Final Travels of UG Krishnamurti

I thought it was a really wonderful book, one of the best i had read in a few years. I cannot also understand the criticism of osho against him. His book, in the trajectory of UG life, describes the last years of his life, but more than that, it gives you a sense of how UG was. Enjoyed reading the book. Why should I feel glad about it? At this point you cannot survive without it.


And yet i cant stop but watching only his videos and reading his books again and again. Incidentally, as I read it today, many conclude that Quantum Mechanical Theory is no longer fettered as theory, but fact, as quantified on the sub-atomic level. Much lousi for your opinion.


Got stares when I walked down H G Road in Bangalore, where coincidentally the Buddhists were also coming in the opposite direction ; Weird things happened to me before i came to know about him. I am in no position to speak to what UG may have meant by anything. Foner some point in time, the tone and style of these conversations changed.

So, let me amend that: I just finished your book and wanted to let you know I really enjoyed it. I notice with the scene in which he is surprised by his own tears that I want to take it and say so THAT was it, the truth.

Everybody says or does bullshit all his life! I have written to a friend loouis produced a set of cards with the Money Maxims on them.