Fremitus is the vibration or movement of a tooth when teeth come into contact together. If you were to take your fingernail and put it on the front. Box et al. did study on sheeps’ tooth suggesting that TFO produces Fremitus: A palpable or visible movement of a tooth when subjected to. I think you are confusing fremitus test with fremitus teeth, i am not aware of the term fremitus teeth. In simple terms fremitus is the vibration and.

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Notice the diastema tooth gap space was closed with teeth bonding to hide the wire splint and the incisal edge of 8 was reduced by drilling it shorter.

Following gum healing consider either upper orthodontic movement to bring these teeth back, or dental bonding with a palatal splint, after incisal adjustment of tooth 8. There is not enough support for the front teeth which causes the back teeth to have room to move. Traumatic occlusion and traumatogenic occlusion. Vertical tooth mobilitydengal ability to pull the tooth in its socket, valuated at the end of the document the handle to put pressure on or chewing surface of the tooth enamel Fig.

This could come from the teeth coming into contact with a surface that drives the jaw forward. J Am Dent Assoc ; This tooth vibration is considered an occlusal trauma.

Fremitus is occlusal bite trauma that occurs when closing in centric relation

These pictures show the treatment of a periodontally involved — gum disease — upper left central incisor tooth 9. J Clin Periodontol ;6: When a person speaks, the vocal cords create vibrations vocal fremitus in the tracheobronchial tree and through the lungs and chest wall, where they can be felt tactile fremitus.


Tactile fremitus is pathologically increased over areas of consolidation and decreased or absent over areas of pleural effusion or pneumothorax when there is air outside the lung in the chest cavity, preventing lung expansion. There are treatments that can lead to occlusal stability, which will solve the issue with the teeth.

Tooth Mobility and Fremitus – Foundations of Periodontics: Tooth fremitus definition

The Importance of Checking for Fremitus It is important to look for the existence of fremitus because it is an indication of occlusal trauma which means that there is instability in the tooth. Consider either lower anterior orthodontic intrusion with teeth braces or incisal adjustment — sculpting.

As a test to determine the severity of periodontal diseasea patient is told to close his or her mouth into maximum intercuspation and is asked to grind his or her teeth ever so slightly.

Periodontal fremitus occurs in either of the alveolar bones when an individual sustains trauma from occlusion.

The patient will return in three months to reevaluate periodontal healing and the potential need for the root resection. Frwmitus respiration Biot’s respiration Cheyne—Stokes respiration Kussmaul breathing Ataxic respiration.

Tooth Mobility and Fremitus

Dynamic irritation as a cause of periodontal disease and the means for its elimination. Any occlusal force which goes beyond the adaptive capacity of our periodontium causes injury to periodontal structures, and the resultant trauma is called as trauma from occlusion TFOseveral schools of thoughts are there that whether TFO is an etiological factor or cofactor for the occurrence of periodontal diseases.

Phrases commonly used in English include, ‘boy oh boy’ and ‘toy boat’ frejitus phrasesas well as ‘blue balloons’ and ‘Scooby-Doo’. Non-Surgical Control of Periodontal Diseases: Fremitus is palpable or visible movement of the tooth when the function.


Fremitus – Wikipedia

The effects of occlusion on periodontitis. J Clin Periodontol ;7: Mobility can be observed by using the adjacent tooth like a fixed point of reference in the process of trying to move a tooth is considered. The occlusal factor in periodontal disease.

How to cite this article: An increase in tactile fremitus indicates denser or inflamed lung tissue, which can be caused by diseases such as pneumonia. However, it is something that needs to be checked. If the patient accepts treatment on a tooth with a guarded prognosis, then it could include: Report of a case.

J Clin Periodontol ; The overstrain of the supporting structures of the teeth. The first thing you should know is that fremitus means a vibration that can be felt.

We will answer your questions and provide the highest quality dental care. Along with this it can also cause the teeth to have more mobility than they should, cause excessive wear on the teeth and can cause them to shift from their normal location in the mouth. Do mobility and occlusal trauma impact periodontal longevity? Note the angular bony defect in the radiograph. Fremitus can be assessed by gently placing a gloved frsmitus finger against the facial aspect of the tooth as the patient either taps the teeth together or simulates chewing movements.

Health Assessment and Physical Examination: Occlusal forces as a risk factor for periodontal disease. Clinical Features of Occlusal Trauma.