The following is an excerpt from “Enoch: A Bigfoot Story” by Autumn Williams. You can purchase it here. Mike was getting serious. He had gone. On one hand I appreciate Autumn Williams’ approach to the subject. In general, she comes across as calm, logical, and cool. I even had some. My wife got me this book for Christmas, and I devoured it in about six or seven hours during a very slow work day. And holy hell, it’s.

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Enoch: A Bigfoot Story | Sasquatch and Friends

Let’s move beyond that. I have found that any study of sasquatch usually reaches a paranormal aspect sooner or later. Personally, I hope it is true. She has spent her entire adult life seeking to understand why those non-human eyes held such an expression of human-like sgory.

This is a deeply personal account both at the level of the writer and the witness who is sharing an incredible story. An amazing wililams to say the least.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. I really enjoyed this book too!

Read it with your mind open and that mind just might change before you are done. Books by Autumn Williams.

The Best Video Evidence

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. In this process, she describes herself as evolving from a “researcher” to a “witness. Terry Burns rated it really liked it Mar 10, One is williama “scientific” book that considers all the facts about a phenomena and weighs them logically to reach a conclusion.

If you are not willing to let go of one, you will never truly know the other. In this process she runs into a guy she calls Bigfoot who tells her over time of his most extraordinary friendship with a Bigfoot he names Enoch because of a common bigfoo he makes. I think that, given some of the witness reports, at least some of the giant creatures that are being seen out there are more on the paranormal end of the spectrum.


Williams’ approach – which one might call the Way of the Witness – is a refreshing change after tomes and tomes of ‘serious researchers’ trying to ‘prove’ the existence of this creature or hacks trying to convince us of their POV in regard to Sasquatch. Just the content and views of the witness and author are outstanding and make it a good read.

Long story short, though, whether he was interacting with a giant ape, a relict hominid zutumn some species from the Other Vigfoot, his experiences are valid and instructive. His stories and writings seek to understand humanity’s situation, project the possible consequences of current trends, and inspire hope in dark times You can find Ray’s work via his website at www.

Enoch: A Bigfoot Story by Autumn Williams

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Like early humans, they hunt and gather and even use tools much as chimpanzees do, though with more refinement. I have never read much of the bigfoot literature but I understand that stories of “long term” witnesses who “habituate” with the creatures are not unknown, though not as widely related as “road crossings” and film clips.

He is more than a witness. One of the most interesting bigfooy I’ve ever read!!! What do you think he would do? This is a wonderful rnoch describing two incredible human beings and their efforts to prevent disaster.

The author’s argument concerning the need to present Mike’s story while not providing conclusive proof is ludicrous to the serious researcher, but it makes sense.

Regardless of my opinion though, I read Ms. This is very well-written. Sep 13, Ray Foy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I could very easily make the case that Mike has stumbled on or close to a portal to the Otherworld and he is dealing with manifested creatures from that realm.


While Mike’s story wasn’t even close to being real, it was still entertaining and fun to read. Infrasound Experiments and Results. The First Nations folks see these beings as a separate people, a spiritual people, in much the same way that Europeans, a little more than a century ago, understood the Faery to be a people who lived side by side with them and sometimes interacted with them and even interbred with them — try that without some sort of physical interface.

He was eventually successful and so began a much extended time of interaction.

The show was sensationalized and not serious. Along comes this witness who she calls Mike. Truly a amazing book, I look forward to another. I enjoyed this book so much. For a self-published book, it read well, no noticeable errors, and it was easy to get into because the narrative flowed well.

This is a book about a guy named “Mike” true identity concealed who lives out in the woods with a family of Sasquatches. A Bigfoot Story by Autumn Williams. Jan 11, Lady Lovecraft rated it did not like it. Were Neanderthals as intelligent as humans?

Bigfooh found Enoch to be a remarkable book. One of the things that struck autumj was when he was listening to the Sierra Sounds, he mentioned that he thought he knew what they were saying just from being around them.

A Bigfoot Story by Autumn Williams. To good to be made up. Let’s move beyond that. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of If you can do that, you may find the insight that can come from keeping the question open.