Sewage Treatment Plants. DVZ – JZR “ BIOMASTER”®. Biological Sewage. The innovative product range of DVZ specially for Luxury and Mega Yachts. Sewage Treatment Plant DVZ-JZR ” BIOMASTER”® (customized version for .

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Where pumps, pump units or components weigh in excess of 20 kg 44 lb. Inspect pump starter relay and verify that it is energised. Get rid of unnecessary curves, valves and constrictions. Free impeller through the inspection cover. In general terms, if the water in the sight glass turns from clear to grey or brown, a pumpout is required to keep the effluent quality above that required by IMCO standards.

Evz sucking-in of solid particles and other containments which might be discharged – must be avoided at all times. Check all motors for current draw.

If the following considerations are overlooked, the safety of personnel or satisfactory operation of the pump may be endangered. Refit the star handle 5b. Bypass sewage system or close sewage inlet valve. Check pump action by hand start sight glass level falls and, if necessary, fill with water again.


Ksa standard, in centerline of the tank can differ in special cases Connect the waste water pipe to this flange. Home Miscellaneous industrial equipment Dehydration and filtering.

After taking appropriate measures, the odor in water clears up after 24 hours, and effluent should be clear within 48 hours again. Flush pump and hoses with fresh water and drain to prevent freezing. Exhaust air through priming cover or install an automatic airrelease valve. This site uses cookies.

Galley waste water is fed to the sewage treatment system via a fat separator. The side-channel blower may never be operated with open discharge flange, and therefore has to be protected with a wire guard in accordance with DIN EN As drive sja for the SD blower a three phase a.

Check for leaks, if any, repair before start-up. Press the reset button on the overload ddvz inside the control panel and turn the blower on to determine if ddvz blower motor overloaded and dropped out of the circuit.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin, do not inhale vapours.

Don’t miss your next machine! Front side needs to be accessible for maintenance of pump and electric equipment.

Biomaster DVZ SKA 20 Biological Sewage Treatment Plant

Do not reach into intake opening. It is strongly advised to install a bypass with valves. To clean the spillover, open inspection hatch on top of the Treatment Tanks and wash out the vent with a stream of water.


Open the inspection hatch and check for excessive foam in the Treatment Tanks. This is a safety overflow to prevent overpressure on the system.

Biomaster DVZ SKA 20 Biological Sewage Treatment Plant | Salvex

During this period system effluent may change from clear to cloudy. Drain pump casing, all piping, fittings and traps containing water. Select a clean, dry storage location. After receipt and inspection, a pump not immediately installed should be repackaged and placed in suitable storage.

Clean with sandpaper, check isolation, for specific values and test, refer to enclosed skx for the level relay enclosed with vendor’s data. The flame screen if used at the vent termination dbz be at least two full pipe sizes larger than the vent pipe and free from blockage.

When the maximum filling level is reached, the level sensor 05 activates the drainage pump 08, which empties the tank down to a specified minimum level.