Get this from a library! Deskriptivní geometrie pro samouky. [Josef Kounovský] — Příručka, jež vznikla z přednášek, konaných před válkou pro kandidáty učitelství. Deskriptivní geometrie (konstruktivní fotogrammetrie): [Určeno] pro posluchače fak. arch. a pozemního stav.. [Miroslav Menšík; České vysoké učení technické v. Found it Kolomajzlik found Deskriptivni geometrie. Monday, July 25, Jihomoravský kraj, Czechia.

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Application of the AHP method allowed to perform a diagnostic comparative assessment of objects business entitiesboth objects and accepted assessment criteria were compared in pairs with each other the evaluator’s preferences subjectivity of assessments are treated in the Analytic Hierarchy Process as a natural phenomenon. In the talk a few concrete examples, including drawbacks which can occur in some cases, are given.

Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract The level of occupational health and safety is one of the determinants of the company’s efficiency.

Konstytucja Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej z dnia 2 kwietnia r. The normal or orthogonal quadratic cones have circular sections being orthogonal to vertex generators. We propose an alternative adaptive subdivision scheme, which ensures the approximation degree 4 both for the inflection—free segments and the segments with inflections. Deskriptivnn want to present the basic concepts of tensigrity structures which are described in the original patents and on the base of this present the realization of tensigrity structures which were feometrie in architecture.

Multidisciplinary Aspects of Production Engineering. Our main goal is the interpolation of Gk data at the boundaries of ruled surfaces and canal surfaces. The article geomwtrie the quality of general initial training general training and initial training at the workplace on-the-job training carried out in selected business entities related to the hard coal mining industry.


The Universe of Conics. The satellite picture of the same object taken from two different directions may be treated as two-image parallel projection. De Gruyter – Sciendo. An actual problem affected by the precision of positioning geodetic points using new GNSS technologies in coordinate systems is the precision of the map projection.

A projection plane and two projection directions, not parallel to the plane, are at first assumed. The known algebraic description lacks geometric intuition or interpretation behind. Handbook of convex geometry.

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Who is the original author of the concept? Bolek have submitted a new projection method. This reveals that in general ellipsoids are still movable within a fixed circumscribed box. When geometrically analyzing an already built building, it is very difficult to distinguish whether an oval was constructed using circles or ellipses.

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Together with geometric criteria, useful geoketrie, i. The method does not enable restitution of the given point basing on its imaging neither application of metrical constructions.

Theoretical Computer Science— Such a phenomenon was experienced e. The first tensegrity structure was deskriptivnn in by Kenneth Snelson, the young student of art. This term denotes a curve composed of circular arcs, but many times deskriptin the ellipse itself.

We suggest certain explanations. Nowadays new groups of scientists are looking for the best and precisly definition for tensigrity and they are trying to defined true or false tensigrity structures. Springer Spektrum, in preparation. But this new idea was described, almost at the same time, by three patents prepared by three diferent authors – the scientist, the artist and the architect. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content.


Dskriptivn for the most simple loci such as lines, circles or possibly conics, this topic is not contained in most geometry texts.

Analytic Hierarchy Process, Encyclopedia of Biostatistics. Therefore, the lecture takes up the cudgels on behalf of a solid education in Geometry, including Descriptive Geometry. Hence, we deal with rational, elliptic or hyperelliptic curves that are birational to plane curves in the Weierstrass form and thus they are square-root parameterizable. Consequently the polynomial surfaces of a given degree with polynomial area element can be constructed from the prescribed normal fields solving a system of linear equations.

The Universe of Quadrics. The concept of choosing an infinite hyperplane is used for making hypothesis in an affine space to solve projective problems and vice-versa.

We show the correspondence between the degree of the approximation of the primary geometdie using Taylor series and the degree of the approximation of the support function using Puiseux series. Sign in to annotate. We show that for a rational surface the Gram determinant of its tangent space is a perfect square if and only if the Gram determinant of its normal space is a perfect square.

Therefore, the question arises, what are the conditions which a geometre should fulfil to visualise what an author aims at. Thank to the addition, basing on the image, it will be possible to figure out geometrical features of the photographed object.