SAP CRM User Interface Overview; UI Concept; Customizing of Business Roles; Navigation Bar Customizing and Transaction Launcher; Architecture; UI. Customers, SAP consultants and project team members who are responsible for The course CR refers to the CRM WebClient User Interface which was. The course CR (SAP CRM User Interface) is introducing this technology to technically interested customer and project team members.

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More information on this trace can be found in SAP notes and The inherface navigation describes the case when navigation is done within one window. For this you have to use different customizing activities.

Number of BOs and their relations. The EEW creates and fills customer includes automatically.

SAP CRM User Interface

Lesson Objectives After completing this lesson, you will be able to: Therefore you will use the Transaction Launcher functionality.

There are twelve niterface bar entries available: Close the field properties screen! There is only one entry assigned to the profile. Mark the row Search Term and choose the Move Up button in order to move the row.

CR – SAP CRM User Interface | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

There are six Search, five Create and four Reports entries available. But you do not configure individual fields but so called assignment blocks Each assignment block represents an own kind of view with a predefined field content Configuration of overview pages is more or less just to define which assignment blocks should be available in general and how each assignment block gets rendered by initial launch of page.


Higher Level Context Node: Make your new link visible. Therefore it is required to extend the existing data model and — as a second step — include the new information on the User Interface. There are six Layouts defined for Fact Sheets. The context nodes follow the same hierarchy as defined in the data model.

Assign user CRM- to the position. With the little arrow buttons at the bottom field ordering can be adjusted. This information will be needed in the next part of this exercise.

The number of checked checkboxes referred to the number of displayed drop down list interace later in rendered layout. Intertace benefit of this framework is that the Business Layer can handle all data in the same way independent from the object that it belongs to.

But the GenIL does and dispatches the request lock, modify, useer, etc. Work Area Title 4. All user input is passed from the view back to the controller for processing. How many hyperlinks are available in the Search, Create and Reports area?


EnglishGoalsThis end-user training will enable your team to perform tasks in SAP Hybris backoffice applications with standard functionality: To make your new skin available you need a new entry in this table. The Web Service tool is opened in a browser window. Save your settings with your own Role Configuration Key.

An extension created using the Easy Enhancement Workbench does not differ technically from one created manually. Additionally they trigger the call of the APIs for execution of searches, creation and update. The navigation bar that serves as a menu as well as the context area on top of the screen are persistent. Also you can define default search operator for each field With these little arrow buttons in the middle you can add new criteria from the right hand side table or remove criteria from your layout.

If the navigation target is an independent workarea component the navigation is interfsce by mapping tables that are part of the navigation bar interrface and the intwrface component repository. This is necessary for a usr execution of the exercises. Choose Maintain and confirm the pop-up.