Subscribe to the Citrix Newsletters. Global Sites – Choose your language. XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile and XenServer are part of the Xen® family of. Citrix Blog home. Topics. #CitrixLife · Apps & Desktops · Business Continuity · Channel & Partners · Citrix Days of Customers · Citrix Branch Repeater. The Branch Repeater functions as the remote-side WANScaler and as a local In addition to the “regular” Branch Repeater, Citrix also offers a.

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Whats new in vSphere 4. ICA traffic is also optimised and users are able to work over a 1. You would however need to do your own proof of concept.

The file is then cached on the local branch repeater, if other clients request the file; they will receive the file almost instantly. I currently work within the UK financial industry, specialising in infrastructure delivery and integration using products from a host of vendors including Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and EMC to name but a few.

Yes, two WanScalers is preferred to optimise traffic. Gestalt — noun an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. The benefits of the branch repeater when used with XenApp probably depend on the number of XenApp users in a branch or your current use of the technology. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hi Hussani That’s exactly the kind of scenario this product is designed for. Branch Repeater includes proven WAN optimization technology that minimizes the impact of latency on application performance and maximizes WAN capacity.


When a client requests a file from a remote site the branch repeater examines the rules and Quality of Service, provided the rules are met, the branch repeater will compress and send the file to the client, showing a marked improvement over normal traffic.

Citrix Branch Repeater

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Clients no longer notice the latency and remote sites on average repdater able to increase user headcount without increasing bandwidth. Branch Repeater with Windows Server appliance combines the power of Windows branch services and acceleration features set of Repeater.

Citrix Branch Repeater enhances and optimises bandwidth between sites by utilising Citrix HDX High Definition Experience technologies providing local caching and de-duplication repater site. What is the difference between Branch Repeater and WanScaler? Posted July 30, Wesley Hornsey argues that bracnh should be less focus on SD-WAN as a cost-saver and far more on its ability to modernise networking. Earlier this year I attended a branch office infrastructure event run by Microsoft and Citrix in Edinburgh.

Branch Repeater is quiet, and can safely be put into an office.

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Branch Repeater and Repeater (formerly WANScaler) – Citrix

However you are able optimise traffic with one WanScaler if your client has the WanScaler client at the remote end. Thanks for your reply. One of the most interesting aspects of the new branch repeater product is the branch-in-a-box concept.


Currently we don’t have any citrix platform in our infrastructure and we are looking forward to go with VDI. Conclusion I mentioned before that this is a WAN Accelerator product at heart, with nice new shiny add-ons to meet a number of customer requirements.

Using ESX 5 Plz help me in this. The idea is you only require a single box somewhere in the branch that does everything, instead of having multiple boxes for different tasks. Wanscaler is a compression tool, wanscaler does not look at data as files There is one major difference beween Wanscaler and Brfanch Repeater that noone has mentioned: Secure Cloud Workspace for Healthcare Join us in a relaxed setting for a delicious breakfast whilst the Redcentric and Citrix team showcase Citrix on Azure – a secure cloud workspace solution for healthcare environments.

Unified Communications and Collaboration In this white paper we look at the tipping point in end-user demand and business benefits. The diagram below shows the basic topology overview.

Posted August 6, Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question. Footer Gestalt — noun an organized whole that is perceived as more than the bfanch of its parts.