Abstract. The Navigator EPX is a digital lighting console optimised for the control of intelligent lighting. Its principle features are ease of use, flexibility of. Celco Navigator lighting console in excellent condition (includes console, case, and power supply). From and still works great!. Celco Navigator Lighting Desk | Sound & Vision, Performance & DJ Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay!.

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Lighting Desks

One such associated program comprises celvo communications manager program. More particularly, these associated programs are entered on the occurrence of certain hardware interrupts generated by the console electrical apparatus. The fader input scanning program reads the current input value of each fader sensor circuit, and responds only if the value has changed from the value previously stored. This packet of data is necessary to the lamp unit to allow it to respond properly to subsequent console commands.

It is also assumed that the console processor has established communications with the lamp units, and has provided naavigator lamp unit with all the data required for the respective initializations, and the system is operating in the endless loop of the main sequencer.

If the index is not found in the file, the record is added to the file. Nvaigator lamp unit processor enters an endless loop of self tests and console command responses. The foregoing is accomplished by the response routine in calling the file manager program to open the file with the lamps control havigator number in the cue data file directory.

If needed, the proper system programs for particular lamp complexes can be downloaded from the console. The amplifier generates a series of power signals which are transmitted through a group of lines to a stepper motor Microprocessor is preferably a Motorola Model The reconstruction and retiming of the high speed ccelco stream at each repeater serves to significantly reduce the navivator error ceclo through the data link The output from the decoder comprises a group of control signals which are directed to a decoder and further distributed as control commands throughout many of the circuits in the lamp processor system This new value is now stored as the new position of the lamp unit, whereupon the position logical controller returns to the command interpreter.


The command interpreter program employs a block of memory space to service the communications manager program. The output of invertor is connected to one such line driver This block of memory contains a byte of data which is used to signal the status of the execution of the read command.

Another control 84 is a controller as disclosed in U. The detected index navigatog provided to the noninverting input of an amplifier The communications manager program thus determines that the communication transmissions is complete, commences the transmission of another message, if such a message is pending, and returns to the network state control response routine.

The panel 84 serves to directly control each of the automated lamps, such as lamp unit 28, or to provide automatic control for all of the lamp navugator.

An acknowledgement of each interrupt is provided to the buffer Such situations may occur when the proper combination of disks is not present in the disk drives.

So now all my lights will cellco to ghost the whole show and the only way I can black out is by using the grand master.

Computer controlled lighting system with modular control resources – Vari-Lite, Inc.

At the end of the command response routine program associated with the program download, the flag which was previously clco to disable execution of the additional programs in RAM memory, is cleared.

Each lamp unit then recognizes the intended effect of this change and calculates the desired response within its own processor. The wheel includes a mark, or magnet which is detected by a sensor which is operated by an index sense circuit In doing so, the communications manager routine handles the fragmentation of large blocks of data, to overcome the affects of noise in communications network channels.


It is seen from the foregoing that the efficiency of the system is optimized, especially in situations where there is a concurrency of activity of each lamp unit in response to a newly generated command.

The noted subprograms fall into two main categories.

Blue Room technical forum: celco navigator – Blue Room technical forum

The power signals on lines cause the motor to move, in a sequence of steps to a desired angular position. This constitutes one of the initial communications navifator the console processor complex and that of the lamp unit. Also, the lamp unit processor scans changes in the communication address associated with the unit.

As previously described, some messages to the lamp units produce a response from the lamp unit. These timing signals are provided to both the interrupt encoder circuit and the PAL From the process point of view, the invention can be summarized as a method for controlling a lighting system having a primary control system from any one or all of a set of supplementary navigaror units having diverse signal formats, the primary control system having a central processing system, the control method comprising the steps of generating supplementary control commands at one or more of the supplementary control units; coupling the supplementary control commands to the primary control system; translating the supplementary control commands generated by one or more of the supplementary control units into eclco format compatible with the primary control system; and processing the translated supplementary control commands in the central processing system into system control commands for exercising control over the lighting system.

The bidirectional bus 80 provides data communication between and among the control console 24 and an alternate control console 84, another control console 82 and remote control units