Find out more about our 50PCH / PCV (kW) products on the Carrier UK website. grammed, easy to use, Carrier Comfort Controller set up for a WSHP . through panel opposite air coil on back discharge units. 50PCH. UNIT. SIZE. OVERALL. Find great deals for Carrier Aquazone 4 Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump /60/3. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The filter rack shall incorporate a 1-in. Anti-short cycle timer provides a minimum off time to prevent the unit from short cartier. The standard transformer shall be rated for a minimum 50 va.

The guide includes a practical approach for the most current design recommendations including: Two-stage water source heat pumps with puron refrigerant ra 64 pages. Oc- cupancy types are described in the scheduling section below.

Interpolation is permissible; extrapolation is not.

Automatic intelligent reset will automatically restart unit 5 minutes after shutdown if the fault has cleared. Deluxe D Control Jumper Settings. Units shall use RA refrigerant. The cabinet shall be fabricated from heavy-gage G galvanized steel for superior corrosion protection. Any particulate that is not removed can potentially clog components.

Carrier Aquazone Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump /60/1 | eBay

Page 35 of capacity. Flow Regulation 13 F set point to avoid nuisance faults. Page of 52 Go. Shell and tube style refrigerant to water heat exchangers shall be treated as pressure 500pch and shall require refrigerant pressure relief valves piped to the exterior of the building.


Alarm relay setting is a selectable v or pilot duty dry contact for activating a remote alarm. Got it, continue to print.

The contractor supplying the water source heat pumps with shell 50pxh tube heat exchangers shall be responsible for any additional installation costs.

The architect must approve all changes 10 days prior to bid. Performance monitor PM is a feature that monitors water temperatures to warn when the heat pump is operating inefficiently or beyond typical operating range.

Pg 36 Catalog No. Units shall have a 1-in. Do not install a common trap 50;ch vent on vertical units. A trap is provided to 50pcg the backflow of moisture from the condensate pan and into the fan intake or downstream into the mechanical system. Likewise, a second delay is used when staging down. All units allow easy access to the compressor section from 2 sides with large removable panels. Supply and return water connections shall be brass female pipe thread fittings and mounted flush to cabinet exterior.

Use the specified type of wire and cable for maximum signal integrity.

Ambient Air — db Rated Ambient Air — db Blower inlet rings allow blower wheel removal without having to remove the housing or ductwork connections. Reversing valves shall be four-way solenoid activated refrigerant valves that shall fail to the heating operation should the solenoid fail to function. Scale formation caused by hard water reduces the heat transfer rate and increases the water pressure drop through the heat exchanger. Proper water treatment can minimize tube fouling and pitting.


Ryznar Stability Index 6. Ensure thermostat set for heating or cooling operation. Water typically includes impurities and hardness that must be removed.

Carrier Aquazone 50pch Indoor Water-cooled Heat Pump 50PCH060ZCC60140 5 Ton

Low pressure bypass timer — The low pressure switch is bypassed for seconds after a call for compressor operation to prevent nuisance low pressure lockouts during cold start-up carruer the heating mode.

The C board shall feature the following field configurable adjustments: Waterside Economizer is available for applications where perimeter heating is taking place while core cooling is required.

Easy removal of the control box from the unit carier access to all refrigeration components. Low voltage connector may be removed for easy installation. It is not acceptable to use a common trap or vent for multiple units.

Carrier Aquazone 50pch Indoor Water-cooled Heat Pump 50PCHZCC 5 Ton | eBay

50pcn This setting is field adjustable and this set point may be adjusted as required. Page 3 or an equivalent protective covering. Refrigerant to water heat exchangers shall be of copper inner water tube and steel outer refrigerant tube design rated to withstand psig working refrigerant pressure and psig working water pressure.