Baten Kaitos Origins (バテン・カイトスII 始まりの翼と神々の嗣子, Baten Kaitosu II: Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi, lit. Baten Kaitos II: Beginning of the . Baten Kaitos Origins Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of 80 videos by shadowdemon (). Title, Duration, Date. Baten Kaitos Origins is a prequel to Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. Its story revolves around Sagi, and his spirit guide.

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You’ll be back at the entrance. Return to the Cloudvents, where the boss fight took place.

Walkthroughs and guides for Baten Kaitos Origins

Someone please help me I’m stuck at. You’ll now be on the other side.

Then go west, south and talk to the lady who asks you to take the Flame Ice to her husband. After the cutscene, save your game at the red flower, then head up to the last area for a surprise boss.

Once you’ve done that, head out to the School of Magic. Power Helm and a Speed Charm. Now head back to the vine and cross back to see the man from before.

Walkthroughs for Baten Kaitos Origins

Mix them in the magnus mixer, then wait about 5 minutes until you hear a sound meaning the mix is ready. Examine the device here twice to capture two essences of Light Powder. Registration allows you to keep guude of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. In the hall, capture the essence of three Stale Water from the fountain in the middle. Credit in Magic For this one, head into the School of Magic’s right wing.


Then keep heading down the path hidden by the orgiins above. She needs some Thornflower Nectar. He’ll let you through. Head to Verus’ residence and talk to the guard standing next to the door of Verus’ office to receive the Attack Talisman.

Baten Kaitos Origins – Walkthrough

Fight the guards in the courtyard, then you’ll find yourself in the residence’s kitchen. As for the previous boss, Sagi’s Godling’s Rapture does massive damage. Back in the two-floor building, head upstairs to the roof, then go left to the next screen.

Jump across baetn the left side of the path, then jump up to the cliff at the left. Start by heading left for a chest containing a Magnus: Then head back to the village to inform the man of its location.

Baten Kaitos Origins FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for GameCube – GameFAQs

Then leave the castle and guuide knight will stop you at the exit. Now go back down to the bottom floor where the fountain is in the strateegy of the estate and go left to find a room with a save flower. Open the chest here too for a Magnus: After the battle and the cutscene that ensues, Sagi gets a vision and wakes up elsewhere. Then use Aphelion Dustwake to take them down all at the same time. Middle Potionthen use your last Eau de Mouche on the censer here to kill some rockflies and create a bridge below.


Fight the three Imperial Swordsguards down there, then read the final report paper on the pedestal at the back of the room. Examine the large tank to find to find a Magna Mix Recipe 15 and the small tank to find another Magna Mix Recipe 27 and also examine the steel part at the bottom-right corner to find yet another Magna Mix Recipe Head right to the next screen to find him.

Give the three Kaitoa Times to the boring teacher to receive a Magnus: There are now several things you can do from here before heading back to the Battlefields of Atria in any order you feel like: If you want to do a sidequest here for an item, read this paragraph, otherwise skip to the next.