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DPS chanter?

Blessing of Stone for the win though. Put in HP 85 or 95 stones, you will not need to break the bank for this. Posted August 28, edited. With only 1 cleric in group it’s much better and effective to stay on full support as chanter ofc can help with dps when group’s HP is fine or if pressure vs your group is indeed high- only to use 4s stun, hallowed strike and bind of skills each cd on enemies aaion reduce their dps – that all means hybrid style.

That being said the chante spot for group pve is either support stigmas in a physical heavy group or all-out-dps in a magic heavy group. Sign in Already have an account?

I personally disagree with making an HP set Remember that if a Chanter dies, the effect is immediately felt as all Mantras disappear and Inspiration will no longer be going out. Group A magic DPS now have crit spell, clerics have vhanter resist.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I know that feels.

Even a low budget Strike Resist set can reach 1. Focus on getting 15, HP to start with for all entry level content.


The Ultimate Introduction to Chanters [PVE, PVP] – Classes Discussion – Aion Online

Hybrid builds tend to only be for PVP encounters which you do not need Word of Instigation but still want to bring defensive utility. Chanters are able to specialize in one of 3 ways: Recovers the HP aiob a target within 23m radius by Posted Onlinne 31, They are powerful auras that the Chanter can swap in and out of. You can be dps, but with support build of stigmas to increase dps of others. My name is Yec from Siel Elyos.

Inflicts – physical damage on a target within 25m, and deals further damage every 3 sec for 12 sec. Posted September 1, edited. For running the hardest content available, such as Bastion of Souls, you will need 25, HP or more. Maybe the vision stigma needs more MB and Hit Mantra should be heavily upgraded because 5. Pretty simple for chanters, to be honest.

Now how do you get these numbers? I will be using it to get back into playing chanter.

Chanters need multiple to be effective in PVP: Your browser has JavaScript disabled. In general, you will probably be in this stigma setup the most amount of the time. If you want to focus on getting a defensive support set first in order to get into instances and get your other stuff faster, I highly recommend getting a Strike Resist set to hold you over.


Hybrid setups take what are needed from your supportive buffs and flex them in any guidde slot you want. Posted September 2, HP sets are more of a legacy from when Infinity Shard came out and people didn’t want to get one-shot by Hyperion’s nukes which still didn’t require an HP set if you were smart about your CDs, but that’s asking too much for the average player nowadays I guess.

DPS chanter? – Chanter – Aion EN

This lasts until the curtain blocks damage on the person. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

This skill is what makes chanters adored, beyond their powerful mantras. But then group A has Hit Mantra on.